Custom Fine Art

At Alex Paints, we are committed to producing art infused with a spirit of excitement and personalization while creating an appreciation of works of art and design. Commissioned projects will be handled with a high standard of professionalism, in appreciation of the clients and their own creativity and with respect for the creative process.

At right please enjoy some of our iconography pieces.

Below please find a sampling of portraits and an idea of pricing in addition to information on murals and pricing for those types of projects.


Pricing depends on the number of subjects per portrait and the size.   A portrait with one, two, three or more subjects in one painting can range between $500 to $1600 per unframed painting. For example, one 8x10" portrait of one child or pet is approximately $500.00 while one 16x24" family portrait of three individuals would be closer to $1600.00.


Mural Costs

The basic cost for a mural runs $5 to $30 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design. There may be additional charges depending on working conditions such a restricted hours of operation, vaulted ceilings or driving time and distance. Pricing includes all material. However, certain items, such as specialized equipment needed to accomplish the project will be added to the price.

Faux Finishing Costs

For faux projects, price is determined by cost of materials and how many passes on the wall are required to create a finished look. Supply cost can range from $2 to $10 per square foot. For projects, like marble pillars, there may be a fee for samples since most of the materials needed to achieve a certain faux finish cannot be purchased in small quantities. The cost for sample materials will then be applied to the cost of the project.

Free Consultations

We will discuss the project a length so that you will have a time and cost estimate. The customer will be shown sketches or samples to determine the exact design the client wants.

In preparation for your project please have a base coat painted and dried before scheduling. Please remove all furniture, and of course patch walls and fill all holes prior to painting. Plan that projects take days to weeks to complete.


Mural painting and Faux texturing (like marble pillars) pricing is determined by four factors: Location. Cost of materials, Intricacy of design, Working conditions.

Once we have reached an agreement to start the project a contract will be presented, which details a schedule for work to be done. A 50% down payment will be required at the start of the project. This deposit is used to purchase the supplies needed to start.